Patricia Bhaskar's Resilience: Navigating Dialysis with KareBuddy's Support

By Shruthi

22 Jan 2024



Discover Patricia Bhaskar's uplifting story of resilience and care as she navigates her dialysis journey with KareBuddy. Learn about the compassionate support provided by her KareBuddy companion, Baby Yadav B, in this inspiring tale of hope and companionship in elderly healthcare in Bangalore.


Customer Persona: Patricia Bhaskar's Dialysis Journey

Patricia Bhaskar, a resident of the Little Sisters of the Poor for the Elderly in Bangalore, faced a significant health challenge – dialysis, necessitated by kidney issues. This procedure, required twice a week, marked a dramatic change in her once-independent life. Bound to her bed post-spine surgery and now dependent on dialysis, Patricia's routine was transformed into a series of medical appointments and recoveries. However, her journey took a turn towards hope and support with the intervention of KareBuddy, which brought not just medical assistance but also a ray of companionship into her life.

Understanding Dialysis: A Critical Need for Patients Like Patricia

Dialysis is a lifesaving treatment for patients with kidney failure, like Patricia. This process, which substitutes the function of healthy kidneys, involves removing waste products and excess fluid from the blood. Patients often undergo hemodialysis, which is Patricia's case, requiring her to visit a healthcare facility twice a week. Each session can last several hours, making it a physically and emotionally taxing experience. Understanding the specifics of this treatment is crucial for both patients and their caregivers, ensuring effective management and coping strategies.

Guidance for Companions Assisting Dialysis Patients Like Patricia

As an KareBuddy companion for a dialysis patient like Patricia, your role goes beyond mere physical assistance. It encompasses understanding the nuances of dialysis treatment and providing empathetic support throughout the process. This includes ensuring safe and comfortable transportation to the dialysis center, being present during sessions for emotional support, and monitoring the patient's condition before and after treatment. Your presence should be a source of reassurance and comfort, helping to alleviate the stress and fatigue associated with dialysis.

Training Module for KareBuddy Companions: Dialysis Care Coordination

Welcome to the KareBuddy team! As a companion for our dialysis patients, your role is crucial in their health journey. Here’s how you can effectively manage this responsibility:

  1. Understanding Dialysis: Familiarize yourself with the dialysis process, including the schedule and the physical and emotional impact it has on patients.

  2. Transport Coordination: Arrange safe and comfortable transport for the patient to and from the dialysis center, accommodating their physical limitations post-surgery.

  3. Support During Sessions: Stay with the patient during dialysis, offering emotional support and liaising with medical staff as needed.

  4. Post-Dialysis Care: Monitor the patient’s condition after each session, providing care and assistance as they recover from the immediate effects of the treatment.

Your empathetic care and efficient coordination are vital in making the dialysis process as smooth and comfortable as possible for our patients.

Companion Persona: Baby Yadav B’s Compassionate Care for Patricia

Baby Yadav B, a 22-year-old dedicated KareBuddy companion, brought a blend of professional care and heartfelt empathy to Patricia’s side. With a rich background in healthcare and multilingual abilities, Baby was not just a caregiver but a companion and confidante to Patricia. She adeptly managed the logistics of the dialysis sessions and provided unwavering support throughout Patricia’s treatment, making each dialysis visit less daunting. Baby’s compassionate presence and attentive care played an integral role in improving Patricia’s quality of life during her dialysis journey.

Patricia Bhaskar’s story, supported by Baby Yadav B and KareBuddy, is a profound example of resilience in the face of health challenges. It underscores the importance of compassionate care and the significant difference it can make in the lives of those undergoing critical treatments like dialysis. KareBuddy’s commitment to providing not just medical support but also emotional and personal care truly transforms the healthcare experience for patients like Patricia.

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